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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  October 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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o's game. during the day today it will be fine. chilly but fine. down to the mid 30s. some of the northwest suburbs. wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't some frost. so the forecast for today, going to call increasing clouds, going to be rain coming in from the south. late this afternoon, this evening around baltimore, could be light rain. certainly rain is possible tonight. but the high temperature 57 degrees. we'll talk more about the forecast for the o's game when i come back in a few minutes. send it to sara to see what's happening on the road. thank, sara. >> good morning, tony. one problem of note in tawneytown. all lanes are closed due to debris in the way. hopefully they can get it out of there shortly. 62 miles per hour on the outer loop, not bad, making your way to i-0 -- i-70. if you want to travel out of the white marsh area, 59 miles per
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hour there. not bad at all. for the south, 295 checking in at 62 at west nursery road. a look at drive times shows 11 minutes on the outer loop northeast side. five minutes to go south on 85 to the split in ft. mchenry. the live view outside at park heights. running smoothly to and from the harrisburg expressway. a live view at york road and problem-free at the moment from the 95 to the jfx. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. big story this morning, a night oriole fans had been clamoring for for 15 seasons. it finally arrived postseason payable in baltimore. >> for eight innings, everything was great. then the wheels fell off in the cart in the ninth looking for the o's to drop the first game of the series. >> waited 16 years to have
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postseason baseball here. it was a packed house last night. it was really a beautiful setting. they had orange towels waving throughout. it's one of the games i thought was great and fans didn't have to be prompted to stand up and cheer. you didn't need the score board to tell you this was a baseball crowd, hungry for postseason action. for eight inning, played beautifully. tied until the end of the night. the closer not accustomed to coming into a tie game. he struggled. not his command, wasn't very sharp. so a 7-2 loss, incredibly disappointing for the orioles. they're back at it monday night. and get to see what they are made of. all year long when they had to play through diversity, they pulled together and managed to come together and get the job done. that's pretty important. if they go to 0-2 and go to new york for a three-game sweep, likelihood of that, not good. so safe to say tonight's game
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with game two, a must win. i'm pete gilbert, go back and spend it to you. >> thank you, pete. if you spent any time outside, you know there's no shortage of opinions of what went wrong and where the club goes from here. jennifer franciotti takes a temperature of our fans again this morning. good morning, jenn. >> it would have been nice to have the first home playoff game in 15 years come away with a win. it didn't happen. there's five games in the series, only four more chances. hopefully we only need three chances. you stayed up to watch the whole thing, right? >> yes, yes. >> what were you thinking and feel ing? >> seemed like a great atmosphere in there. they were so loud when i was watching -- we couldn't get the bats going at first and throughout the game, but jason hamilton pitched well in the beginning. >> that's when everything started to go downhill for the o's. what do you think the o's should have done? >> surprised, jim johnson,
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usually one of our best closers. and i thought he would have closed him out. but that's all right. and hopefully we're going to get them tonight. >> are you excited for tonight. >> yes, very excited. >> what do you think of the fans in the stands? they were standing up, sold out crowd. they were hot last night, i thought. >> yeah, said earlier, i felt like i was watching the ravens game, it was so loud. i was -- a couple of my friends were there. i was extremely jealous. >> were they texting you? >> poo yeah, yeah, sent a couple of pictures too. >> thank you, appreciate it. good luck on your trip back to school. nice young college student, 20 years old, 5 years old the last time the o's went to the playoffs. you can feel the excitement around the area. it is awesome. i love seeing the cars go by with the ravens flag on one side and the orioles flag on the other, go o's. reporting live here in
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lutherville. we're at the bp in seminary and york roads. come on by and tell me how you feel about the o's. reporting live, jenn franciotti, back to you guys. >> thank you. the fans aren't the only ones hoping the orioles will continue the postseason run for the next couple of weeks. businesses were profiting for the club's success. kim tracy joins us outside. hi, kim. >> the orioles' postseason is good for businesses all over town. after the wild card win on friday night, a local sportswear design shop worked all night to print new playoff victory t-shirts and get them on the racks for eager fans. bars and restaurants set up barriers for the crowd that couldn't make it to the ballpark for the game. security experts strategized a busy beginning to the week. it seems like opening day to
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them all over again. >> been days that are large, needless to say. we're hoping for a miniature opening day. we expected a large turnout. >> 24 hours to plan for this, it's exciting. if you're going have a problem, that's a good problem to have. >> now that is expected to continue at least through tonight when the o's take on the yankees again in camden yards at 8:00. reporting live downtown, kim dacey, wbal news. >> this guy calls himself the happiest fan. he sure is the oldest. >> there he is. >> how about that? >> you can show us your best orioles shot. have you local in our mobile app to upload photos and video or go to the you local section of our website, that's the weather water cooler question of the day. do you think the orioles can
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bounce back from last night's loss. send us an e-mail to water cooler at the pharmacy that distributed the steroid linked to money gal meningitis issued a research of all of its products. the move was taken out of -- abundance of caution because of risk of contamination. a third marylander developed meningitis after receiving a tainted injection last month. the specific information will be released by the patient. nationwide, there are 90 confirmed cases across nine state, seven people have died including one person here in maryland. >> homicide detectives are investigating a late night shooting in baltimore. the woman shot in the 6300 block of fairlawn avenue before 10:00 last night. she was taken to an area hospital for treatment. no word on her condition.
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>> 42 degrees at the airport at 5:07. a border patrol agent shot and killed in arizona. why officials say his death stems from a misunderstanding. plus? >> how would you like to take a flight around outer space? the first commercial space launch. >> a live look at traffic, the beltway. very light right there. sleeping in after watching the o's late. weather and traffic when we come right back.
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welcome back. ten minutes after 5:00. beautiful shot of the stadium downtown. but unfortunately, going to put a little rain back in the forecast tonight for the game
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again. the same kind of scenario we saw last night. but during the day today, the weather is going to be dry and chilly. take a look at the number, 48 downtown. once you get away from the city, it drops off quickly. 40 in sykesville, and the far western suburbs managed to drop in the 30s. could be a little frost out in the western part of carroll and frederick counties. partly cloudy skies to start. going to make it up to 57 this afternoon. the average high is 69. after about 4:00 or 5:00, there's a chance for a few light rain showers that may carry into tonight. we'll talk more about the forecast for the o's game when i come back in a few minutes. scouring the nation this morning, funeral services are scheduled to be held for a border patrol agent killed last week on the mexican border. according to the head of the border patrol agents' union, it
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was the case of friendly fire. aye si opened fire on two fellow agents thinking they were army smugglers and killed when they returned fire. hugo chavez has won a sixth year in office. the socialist leader won more than 54% of the vote over a former for formfor formfor former venezuela governor. it's going to embolden chavez. >> the first commercial space flight is on the way to the international space station. last knight the dragon capsule was bound for the iss and it's the first of a dozen flights of nasa -- expected to reach the destination by wednesday. remained docked for three weeks before returning to earth. >> time now 5:12, 41 degrees. the red box lets you rent movies
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for $1 a day. but now the company is expanding the bargains to more entertainment. we'll explain. >> halloween spending soars to all-time highs. how much people are paying for tricks and treats this year. >> monitoring close euros in tawneytown. update you on those and check on the major roads and let you know if any of the
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tawneetown. here's a live view of traffic. update at the jfx at rustin road. no delays in 28th street. a live view and show you what it looks like on 95 south of maryland, 24 in hartford county to and from the bel air edgewood region. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. tony has a check on your forecast. hey, tony. >> cold is the major morning headline here.
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going to stick around for a while as well. didn't make it out of the mid 50s. we'll sneak to 56, 57. the setup of the upper levels. the jet stream way down to the south. when you see this, you know it will be chilly on the east coast. there's impulses of energy riding along in the jet stream. got rid of one of those last night. that's what caused the rain delay. there's a calm period. and another one behind that that may give us chance for rain tonight. but right now, the skies are clear and that allowed the temperatures to drop. 41 in the airport. 40 in randallstown. the far western suburbs managed to get down to the mid 30s. 36 in frederick. how about that. frost out there as well. frederick, the northern part of carroll county in tawneytown, frost out there. in baltimore, that's not the case. look at the difference the water make, 51 in annapolis. the next little system we're talking about is showing up here. high thin clouds out of the mountains. shortly behind that, rain, unfortunately. we can see some rain showers
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coming up through kentucky and tennessee. those are aiming right at us. later this evening and overnight tonight. if you ear going to the o's game tonight, again, you can deal with light rain. in the day, mixture of sunshine and high clouds. the high temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. the average high is 69 way below the mark. the forecast for the game, i think around first pitch, around 8:00, the temperatures downtown are going to be in the mid 50s. unfortunately, there's a chance for rain. but whether it's heavy enough to cause a delay or heavy enough to cancel the game, i can't tell you that right now. but there will be rain showers around to start the game. it will taper off as we head to midnight to the tail end of the game, the temperatures drop to the upper 40s to around 50. but the rain should taper off in the late innings. sunday forecast, nice day tomorrow. chilly. high temperature, 62. going to make it up to 70 on wednesday. but that will be the warmest day of the week. a front comes through wednesday night and that will knock the temperatures back to the 60s on
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thursday and friday. so looks like chilly weather is going to stay with us for the most part most of this week. . in this morning's "consumer alert," red box rolls out a ticket service. customers can buy tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other attractions. tickets will be sold at our below face value with a flat fee of $1. service is available in l.a. right now and plans to expand to other markets across the country next year. halloween spending hits the record. 170 million people will celebrate this year. 7 in 10 americans, the biggest number since the national retail federation started tracking spending ten years ago. the average person will spend under $80 on costume, candy, and decorations for total spending projected to reach $8 million, stan. >> a congressional company is vulnerable to be used by spies.
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live in the new york stock exchange for the business report. good morning, how are you? >> good morning, doing fine this morning for monday, the best we can say. walmart and american express gearing up to make an announcement this morning. we're not saying exactly what this is about but they describe it as a financial services announcement. you may remember walmart had wanted to get into the banking business and somehow tap into the business of millions of americans without bank accounts. the fdic puts the total number of unbanked at 8% in american house holds. the trade from china reporting out saying china's two largest phone equipment makers, wildway technologies and bte could be used by china's intelligence service to tamper with u.s. telekom networks. china's foreign ministry this morning asking the u.s. to end the prejudice against chinese companies. >> quick trading check. a point to the lower start today. we did have a mixed close on friday.
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if you're in a big hurry, something that might steer you away from burger king. the crews are some of the slowest in the business. wendy's has the fastest average service time followed by taco bell. mcdonald's in fifth. but the survey says it's the best among drivethroughs of keeping the dumpsters out of view. jane king, wbal-11 tv news. >> apple juice may leave a sour taste in parts' mouths. >> yeah. some jukeboxes may be a little more expensive here. if you put them in the lunchboxes, something you need to know about. i'll tell you why coming up in the next report. >> all right, see you then, jane. thank you. >> okay. >> time is 5:21. 42 at the airport. honoring the fallen. how firefighters are remembered as heroes. >> the water cooler question of the day.
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can the orioles bounce back from last night's night-ending loss. you can share your thoughts on our facebook page or send an e-mail to water cooler ath
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each year in emmittsburg, maryland, firefighters are honored. >> a hero died after leaving behind a wife and two children. debra weiner has the story. >> from the sounds to a measured slow salute. ♪ the ramparts -- >> no doubt the brotherhood of
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firefighters was recognizing both loss and sacrifice at the national fallen firefighters memorial service. >> maryland, mark g. walkenham, baltimore county fire department, lutherville volunteer fire company. >> miss him -- miss him every time you hear his name, especially in a setting like this. it's so emotional. >> for the baltimore county family, this day was an honor for a man who lived and breathed the fire service from age 18 to 43 when he died. >> on a cold january night last year, mark lost his life saving others lives in a four-alarm fire. >> amazing to see -- we've seen it from our state and other states during mark's funeral but to come together as a nation, it's amazing to come together as one family. >> in all, 0 firefighters who
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died last year and five who died in years past were remembered. an annual rite in emmittsburg, a sign of respect for the families. >> we gather to pay honor and respect for those individuals who died and to help those families rebuild their lives and move forward as they've gone through such a traumatic experience. >> 6,000 people attended this year's service. but among the greatest show of support and love perhaps came from a son, the son of mark faulken hamm doing what his father so loved. >> in my blood, third generation firefighter. >> remembering the fallen, committed to the fire house, through the very last call. >> beautiful service. really pretty. >> it was. >> time 5:26, 42 at the airport. coming up in the next half-hour -- >> baltimore is excited for the playoffs, right, jenn? >> all right, i tell you what, orioles fans on their feet last night and the stands on their
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feet at home. i'm jennifer franciotti, a full report straight ahead. >> mitt romney shifts the focus overseas as the obama campaign looks to stop the momentum. hall lee jackson in washington, details next. >> rain in the forecast again for the o's game tonight. we'll talk about the seven-day in a few minutes. >> while we're looking for closures in effect from tawneytown, we'll let you know of any other
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barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today, i'm sam stovall. >> i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us, chilly. more rain in the forecast.
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>> tony and i were kigd. i'm a dinosaur learning how to use the ipad. tony is here saying, is that too far? >> well, over here. >> yeah. >> the fans again tonight, if you're going to the game, i have rain to talk about again. might be just like last night. so i don't know if it will be enough to delay the game or cancel the rain or anything like that. during the day today, it's okay. chilly. 41 in the airport, in the 30 nz the northwest suburbs. frost if you're watching us in frederick. in the day today, increasing clouds, make it up to 57 this afternoon. average highs is 69. there will be chance for rain tonight. more about that and the seven-day. >> you know we have a better chance, right, tony? >> you agree.
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>> i'm doing my business. >> still on the light side out there. not bad as you travel this morning. the one problem i noticed in tawneytown, if you're travelling along 194, all lanes are closed there. that 's the due to a road has hard. watch for that to impact your ride out of tawneytown. everything moving well on the west side. 62 travelling past 795 all the way to i-70. 56 on 95 southbound on the ft. mchenry. ft. mchenry and the tunnel looking good at the moment. drive times at 11 minutes on the outer loop north and west side. southbound 95 from the beltway. southwest at 32, a ten-minute travel time there. a live update of traffic. from the beltway down to colt spring. no problems to report at the moment. harrisburg expressway, equally smooth. and out of 95 out of hartford county here at the belle hair edgewood connection. that's the latest on traffic
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pulse 11. well, the weekend of highs and lows for orioles fans this weekend. began with winning their play game on friday. that brought baseball back to baltimore. >> that soured sunday night as the birds dropped the opening game in the divisional series in a heart breaking ninth. jennifer franciotti to gain the pulse of orioles nation. jenn, what's the mood out there this morning. >> the mood is super dupper excited because it's only one game. we can't give up on our o's yet, right, adam? >> you were at the game? >> it was incredible. we had the win and some tough calls for the umpires, you know, strike some balls and all that. but stay positive it will be there throughout the game.
5:33 am
we're hoping for the come back of the century and all that. staying positive. going to beat them tonight. going to take the series, you know? >> kathleen shares the enthusiasm. you're all fired up. >> getting up early. headed to the mack. we're going to keep them going. >> they need to feed off of you too. >> maybe. i get the people at 6:00 in my training class to get them moving. >> you don't think there's a reason for disappointment. last night -- it would have been great to get a win. but we have four more tries. >> we'll get it done. >> what's the mood around town? is it exciting to see everyone so happy for both baltimore sports teams. >> it's great. wouldn't it be great if we had an o's winning team and ravens winning team at the end. >> adam, your outfit here says it all. this is awesome. the ravens jacket on, the oriole
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bird right here. >> definitely, love baltimore sports. >> can i get a big go o's from you? >> go o's! >> that's what we like to see for our baltimore sports teams. i'm jennifer franciotti. back to you guys. >> you have the best people at 5:30 in the morning. >> baltimore has the best fans. >> the postseason run is a victory for local businesses who rely on stadium traffic in the regular season. 11 news reporter kim dacey joins us with that part of the story. hi, kim. >> hi, mindy. this is right across the street from camden yards where we're wishing and hoping and waiting for the playoff series. it's good for businesses all over town. after the wild card win on friday night, a local sportswear design shot worked all night to print new playoff victory t-shirts and get them on the
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racks for eager fans. bars and restaurants set up barriers for the ground that couldn't make it to baltimore for the game. security experts strategized for a busy beginning of the week. pickled pub and other area businesses expected to cash in. for them, it seems like opening day all over again. >> opening day is pretty large, needless to say. weer with hoping it to be like a miniature opening day. >> i have 24 hours to plan for this. so it's exciting. if you're going to have a problem, it's a good problem to have. >> that is expected to continue at least through tonight when the o's take on the yankees again at camden yards at 8:00. reporting live downtown, kim dacey, wbal-11 news. >> do you think the orioles can bounce back from last night's ninth-inning loss? share your response on or on our facebook page or send an e-mail to water
5:36 am the coach has resigned after an allegation of inappropriate conduct with a female athlete 30 years ago. according to the baltimore sun, the unidentified coach was given to the authorities after they became aware of the incident last fall. the event happened in 1975. the club contacted baltimore county authorities. it's unclear if any charges have been filed. >> it's a critical cross roads for both campaigns. hallley jackson tells us in this morning's commitment 2012 report. with 29 days before election day, both teams are jockeying for the lead when polls show an ever tightening race. >> mindy, all about momentum now as two new polls from gallup and reuters show mitt romney closing the gap that existed before last week's debate. >> a good week last week. no doubt about it. we have to have a good week this week and the week after.
5:37 am
we take it one day at a time. >> and today for mitt romney will focus on foreign policy as he's expected to attack the president for being too weak in the middle east. >> in policy, obama has been commander in chief in the last four years. >> romney is coming off of what most observers agree is a small debate performance by president obama. >> 23 million americans out of work struggling to find a good job. he spent the first two years fighting for obama care instead of fighting for them. >> the obama team insisted it was not the real mitt romney or the policies that night. >> this is dishonest. >> not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut. >> not going to take away from his theatrical performance. he did a superb job. he did everything but learn a tap dance. >> the president poked a little fun at himself at a concert. >> they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same.
5:38 am
>> but now the pressure is on for the vice presidential candidates to perform as they go head-to-head later this week. >> vice president biden and representative paul ryan face off thursday night in kentucky. in washington, i'm hallie jackson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 5:38, 48 degrees at the airport. smoking can cause lung cancer. it's not so simple how your genes can complicate the connection. >> kids with autism. what it is and how to intervene next in the medical alert. >> tawneytown, close euros in effect on 194. upda
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>> 5:40. 48 degrees in the maryland science center. cooler in the suburbs. might want to take a heavier jacket with you. frost in the far western suburbs. frederick, carroll county. not around baltimore. 40 in randallstown. the forecast, increasing clouds. going to get sunshine to start the day, maybe fog in a few neighborhoods as well. make it up only to 357 degrees this afternoon. the average high is 69. late this afternoon and this evening there is a chance for a little bit of rain. more about that and how it will impact tonight's o's game in a few minutes. in this morning's medical alert. new research explores a troubling behavior among children with autism. >> the tendency to wander off. 1300 families with children who had been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.
5:42 am
49% said the child attempted to wander away from the home or family and many were gone long enough to cause concern. police had to be called in. 62% of parents whose kids did this said they experienced or enjoyed activities outside of the home. why do some smokers develop lung cancer and others don't. >> the answer may lie in the jeans. a new study discovered a genetic variation that may increase by 20%. the gene is involved in inflammation in the body's immune system. >> time now 5:42. the beauty of a five-game series. why the o's appreciate that more than ever this morning. that's coming up later in sports. >> rain delayed last night's game for two hours. will we see more of the same today? >> that's what we'll be checking when we come back with the forecast tonight and the rest of the experience for the yankees. live in camden yard, the
5:43 am
forecast coming up. >> temperatures will be dipping close to the 30s later in the week. the full forecast. the latest traffic updates when we come b
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david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland.
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now, insta weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> a look at your monday morning commute. not bad out there. in terms of delays, light on the major roadways. a couple of problems, right here at abbeyton. avoid that. take pulaski. 65 on the west side continuing to move well on i-70 and 795 and 65 on 75 prior to the beltway. the live view in a couple of spots. bay bridge, 50 at sandy point. no major delays at the toll plaza. to and from the eastern shore looking good at the moment of the span of the bridge. the live view of the key bridge.
5:46 am
no problems at the tunnels. a nice start to the memorial bridge to and from cecil county. the latest on the traffic. tony has a look at the forecast. >> we have a lot to talk about this morning. the most important thing the weather for tonight's game downtown. and let's be kind and say it wasn't the best night for baseball last night. what do you think about tonight for the o's games? >> yesterday was unfortunate with the 2 1/2-hour rain delay. we didn't receive that much at the stadium. i looked at the observations. it was a tenth of an inch. i'll have you check on that so you can see if you can see radar estimates more. a chance for rain. as we look at the forecast, the best chances for rain are going to come right at the start of the game. so at least when the gates open at 6:00 p.m., rain is possible but not likely to be wide spread. temperatures around 56 degrees. first pitch, 55. that's when rain is most likely. then after the game, we start to drop to the low 50s and even 40s
5:47 am
and rain should start to taper off. so today that could be a problem for the game. take a look at what's going to happen in new york city as the orioles head to yankee stadium wednesday through friday to finish off the series. fairly nice. chance of rain on wednesday. 64 around first pitch on wednesday. 60 degrees first pitch on thursday. should be fairly sunny. friday up in the air. we have a chance of rain as the front moves in. for now, new york city looks dry on friday. hopefully it should turn out nice tonight. it's a night we have to watch out for. how much rain the stadium received. that doesn't seem like a whole lot to cause that rain delay. >> a quarter inch, i think. maybe a little more than that. people ask, do you have rain in the forecast. do you think it will be enough to cancel the game or cause a rain delay like last night? it's not possible to say exactly how it's going to affect things until we see it coming to maryland. wouldn't you agree with that? >> i would agree. that goes up to the officials,
5:48 am
not the meteorologist. >> on them, not on us. that's right. we just -- >> someone else to blame, how about that? >> all right, thank you, eva. we'll talk again next half-hour live at camden yards. not the greatest night for baseball, obviously. a chilly setup on the east coast. the jet stream is digging way down to the south. a little impulse riding along in the jet stream. a little piece of energy. one go off of the coast last night. we're in a bit of a low. should be dry this morning. 42 in columbia, 39 in mt. airy. 36 in fredericksburg. frost out there in the far western suburbs. but the clouds are starting to thicken up from the southwest. the system that's going to come in tonight that eva was talking about. the rain there from kentucky and tennessee pointing in our direction. so we think most of this will hold together and unfortunately, a chance for a little bit of rain tonight for the o's game. but during the day today, before that system moves in, start off with sunshine. the clouds will thicken up in
5:49 am
the afternoon. late in the day, a chance for rain showers. after a chilly start and the clouds coming in, it will be difficult to get out of the 50s again. expect a high of 57. the average high is 69. way below the mark. a little closer to the middle of the week, up to 62 tomorrow. nice day on tuesday. chilly, 70 on wednesday. but a front will go through wednesday night. that will knock the temperatures back to the 60s again going to the beginning of the weekend and it will stay there all the way from sunday, it looks like. below 70 for the next seven-to-ten days. the next threat of rain will hold off until sunday night after tonight, unfortunately. >> all right, tony, thank you. the time now, 5:49, 41 at the airport. still ahead, we'll break down the highlights from last night's night-ending loss by the o's. >> here's a look at maryland's lottery numbers.
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now, 11 sports with keith mills. good morning, everybody. round one to the yankees with the game tied at two in the ninth inning. russell martin hit a home run
5:53 am
off of jim johnson. the yankees go on to beat the orioles before a wild sellout crowd in camden yards. rain delayed by two hours and 26 minutes did nothing to diminish the enthusiasm of the fans. in the third inning,nate mccloud, c.c. sabathia. scores orioles. 2-2 in the ninth. jim johnson to russell martin. johnson has been rock solid all year. martin leads off. mcleod tried to get it. 3-2 yankees in the air comes out of camden yards. banez and derek jeter singled. a swinging bunt from ichiro. the yankees scored five run, 7-2. game two tonight. andy petit. game time, 8:15. tough loss to the orioles last night. first time since november of 2009, ravens did not score a
5:54 am
touchdown yesterday. unlike the game in '09 when they lost to the colt, they found a way to win yesterday. 9-6, the ravens survive an ugly game in kansas city. the chiefs turn it over four times. none bigger than this play. matt cassel fumbles on the goal line. ed reed returns it to the 12. justin pucker ends the drive. it was 9-6, the biggest play of the game. joe flacco from his own 15 keeps the drive alive. with the 16-yard run. the ravens run out the clock to win 9-6. they are now 4-1. all alone in the afc north. what a clutch, clutch play from joe flacco. we'll hear from john harbaugh next half-hour. last night in new orleans, drew brees broke a 52-year-old record held by colts' hall of famer johnny unitas. he returned td passes in 40
5:55 am
straight games from 1956 to '60. the 48th straight game that brees has thrown a touchdown pass. johnny's son, joe, was in new orleans last night. he wrote a letter wishing him well, you can see, wishing brees well last night. and nfl films paid for him to be there and documented the whole moment. a tremendous moment last night. drew brees, as classy as they come. johnny u. would be proud. >> quite a feat. >> back to the orioles. >> okay. >> johnson has been so solid all year long, you know what? it's one game. >> absolutely. >> no freaking out. it's one game. >> i'm not. give him the ball with the lead. >> the answers to the water cooler question of the day. >> we asked do you think the orioles can bounce back from last night's ninth inning loss. >> norman keeps the faith. he writes, sure they can. the o's never give up. win as a team, lose as a team.
5:56 am
in buck we trust. keep sending us responses. we'll read more in the next half-hour. coming up in the next hour of 11 news today. weddings are all fun and games until someone throws a punch. brawling bridal parties. >> we'll still brawl at my wedding. >> meningitis outbreak continues to sweep the nation. how it's appearing in maryland once again. 6:32. >> all right, what do you get when you cross hot air, darth vader, and a zebra? we've got the answer at 6:40. can't wait to hear that. >> i knew my picture was going to come up next after that. you always lead it up. speaking of hot air -- yeah, we don't have any hot air in the forecast, unfortunately. cool side again, we'll talk about that. check the forecast for the o's game in a few minutes. >> talk about your morning commute if you're heading out this monday morning, let you know about any delays and problem spots to avoid coming up.
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businesses in baltimore are benefitting from the playoff run as well. i'm kim


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